You Get What You Give

The ‘Do Good’ Initiative

Our philosophy at Farming Karma started with providing a healthy and delicious alternative to high sugar beverages so people can feel good about what they’re putting in their body. We took that very same philosophy beyond the soda can and ventured out into our community to recognize those who deserve to receive some good karma.

The Farming Karma Media Centre

At the media centre, which is part of our headquarters, we interview guests and community leaders to showcase those who are giving back and learn more about the amazing individuals that make up our community!

Who Deserves Good Karma?

Farming Karma gives back to the community that has helped them grow through The ‘Do Good’ initiative. We love nothing more than rewarding people for ‘doing good’—the Farming Karma team hit the road in the Do Good-Mobile, surprising people who go that extra mile. Maybe they care for your pets while you’re away, or water your plants? Maybe they volunteer their time to help others? Or maybe they consistently make an effort to brighten someone’s day?

We recognize those individuals and give back by rewarding them with gifts, money, and/or acts of kindness.

Do You Know Someone Deserving of Good Karma?