Taste and learn about our products in our Retail Shop located in Kelowna BC

Enjoy our Apple Soda along with other special drinks such as Pure Cherry Juice, Apple 

Cherry Blend, and many more!

Farming Karma's menu features items that are unique and delicious! Green Apple Gelato and Apple Fries with salted caramel are a must try!

Apple and Cherry Orchards surround our entire property with beautiful pathways. We also offer picnic areas that our customers are welcome to use

Our Dog park features fun activities and a wash station for those hot summer days

See all of Kelowna from new heights with your family in our picnic area

This is the studio where we like to DO GOOD. All our brainstorming and media production 

happens inside!

Learn about farming apple's and cherries while enjoying a 3 hole course of Karma Frisbee Golf (free of charge)!

Farming Karma Fruit Co. Ltd.
1160 McKenzie Rd.
Kelowna, BC
V1P 1C3
Contact Us:
Avi Gill
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